DYMOT works on electric motion field, where is necessary to give an improving solution concernig dimension - precision - noiseless - efficiency against traditional solutions.
Itís possible to give these improvement just starting a project minding to the concept of Direct-Drive already used in many important applications on machine tool and mecatronic field.
DYMOT disposes a wide range of motors with torque untill 1000000 Nm everyone of them are brushless motor available with standard and customized framework or frameless. The choice of position sensor depends by the requested precision and the drive in use.
DYMOT is proposing as partner whether for customer who needs complete solutions whether for customer who wants to integrate motor-sensor-drive-man machine interface and customized software included. Dymotís technician or partner near to your area are available to analayze your problems-needs suggesting solutions and costs analisys.
DYMOT collaborates on national and european area with qualified motors and drives factories and with everyone of them arranges updating courses for his technician just for giving and following you with the most innovative solutions.

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