One ring stator for large diameter motor, 50000 Nm 250 / 500 RPM
Mounting details of large diameter torque motor and segmented stator solution
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Details of rotors of TK torque motor series

Customized rotor for large diameter motor

Framed brushless motor 500000 Nm 100 RPM from TK series with position sensor

Framed brushless motor 50000 Nm 100 RPM from TK series with position sensor

NC table 250 Nm with precision ± 1 arcsec designed with only 3 pieces

Indexing table for pick anc place application:
motor TK 370-140 encoder ERN 280

Detail of cooling gate system ( H20 ) TK 795-560

Several rotor and stator for torque motors frameless

Rotor and stator TK 795-550

Torque motor 20 poles 4 Nm